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Ô! Hussard!

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Litho - ca. 1837
Maat 25 - 21
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet, 1804-1860

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Ô! Hussard!

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Ô! Hussard! Tes pièges sont connus

Paris: Gihaut Frères, 1828-1838
Raffet, Auguste (artist)

3rd in collection of 4 col. and 6 uncol. lith. pl. after Raffet, pr. by Gihaut Frères; mounted hussar leading farm wagon drawn by white horse, holding 3 young women, windmill in left background.

Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (March 2, 1804 – February 16, 1860) was a French illustrator and lithographer. He was a student of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, and was a retrospective painter of the Empire.

Raffet was born in Paris.

At an early age he was apprenticed to a wood turner, but took up the study of art at evening classes. He became acquainted with Alexandre Cabanel, who made him apply his skill to the decoration of china, and with Rudor, from whom he received instruction in lithography, in the practice of which he was to rise to fame. He then entered the École des Beaux-Arts, but returned definitely to lithography in 1830 when he produced on stone his famous designs of Lützen, Waterloo, Le bal, La revue, and Les adieux de la garrison, by which his reputation became immediately established.

Raffet's chief works were his lithographs of the Napoleonic campaigns, from Egypt to Waterloo, vigorous designs that are inspired by ardent patriotic enthusiasm. In this endeavor, he was a contemporary of other French artist-lithographers of Napoleon and the French army including Hippolyte Bellangé, Horace Vernet, and Nicolas Toussaint Charlet. As an illustrator his activity was prodigious, the list of works illustrated by his crayon amounting to about forty-five, among which are Béranger's poems, the History of the Revolution by Adolphe Thiers, the History of Napoleon by de Norvins, the great Walter Scott by Auguste Defauconpret, the French Plutarch and Frédéric Bérat's Songs.

He went to Rome in 1849, was present at the siege of Rome, which he made the subject of some lithographs, and followed the Italian campaign of 1859, of which he left a record in his Episodes de la campagne d'Italie de 1859. His portraits in pencil and water-colour are full of character. He died at Genoa in 1860. In 1893 a monument by Emmanuel Frémiet was unveiled in the Jardin de l'Infante at the Louvre, Paris.


Gihaut Frères (publisher/printer; French; Male; 1815 - 1871; fl.)

Firm of printsellers founded by Antoine François Gihaut from Normandy, moved to Paris c.1815. Firm taken over by his sons, the brothers Jean François and Michel Ange, in 1822, and expanded into publishing. In 1829 got brevet to act as lithographic printers, but ceased to print themselves after 1839 (contracting out work to Auguste Bry). Only published lithographs, specialists in albums and in Géricault, Charlet and Bellangé. Last brother died in 1871.



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