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10th Gothenburg Horse Show 1

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Franco Costa, 1934-2015

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10th Gothenburg Horse Show 1

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1934 Franco Costa was born the 14th of August 1934 in Rome. In 1950 he finished his studies of music and Violine in the „Accademia di Santa Cecillia“ in Rome, as well as his humanistic education at a jesuit school. 1951-1955 he studied French, literature in Geneva and architecture in Zurich and on the L'Ecole des Arts et Metiers in Paris. In the Provence he met amongst others Nicolas de Stael, Picasso and Matisse.1960-1964 Cost a got Art-Director of the “Popular Theatre Waggon” in the USA, where he had his first exposition. 1970 he was Art-Director of the Theatre Center in Chelsea and 1973 with Magot Banacerraf und Gabriel Gracia Marquez in Columbia and Venezuela for the play of "La Candida Erendira". 1974 filmadaption of “Oh! Che felecita”. 19080 Costa became official artist of the “America‘s Cup“. His posters were well known in the USA. 1981 he started working together with VOLVO. In 1985 a fire at an exposition in Lysekil (Sweden) destroyed more than 100 of his graphics, canvas and designes of textile. 1996 he created his foundation “Usedom feeling“ to support young artists. After that, Franco Costa worked together with Prof. Verreet, the University of Kiel, Museum Molfsee (Germany) for the contribution of Schleswig-Holstein to the” EXPO 2000” in Hannover. Then he build up a permanent exposition of his works in Scheveningen (Netherland).

10th Gothenburg Horse Show 1977-1986

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